案例:近日,内蒙古 隆邦网络科技有限公司(中广电 国际网络有限公司与内蒙古广播电视无线传输有限公司共同组建)与蒙古 国桑斯尔有线电视有限公司签署投资合作协议,组建蒙 古国新桑斯尔有线电视有限公司,共同建设、运营桑 斯尔有线网络及电信增值业务。


  Case: Recently, Inner Mongolia Longbang Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was co-founded by CBNI and Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Wireless Transmission Co., Ltd., has signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Mongolian-based Sansar Cable Network Co., Ltd. to jointly build and operate the latter’s cable networks and value-added telecom services.

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